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  • H¡’m a long-time hobbyist game designer looking to launch my career in conceiving, designing, producing and helping to develop my own games. My flagship project is a new kind of eSport in my all-time favorite genre, Anti-gravity Racing. I am technically a 4th Grade dropout and, if not actually learning-disabled by now, at least resistant to learning complicated new things. I have chosen to initially develop with C3 for what I presume are patently obvious reasons.

    The movement mechanics for my game are non-standard, so implementing them via even C3 is the big hurdle I have been facing - and procrastinating over - for more than a year now. I am seeking one or more Mentors, to help me get started and to advise me through wherever I get stuck. I am looking to do a lot of things which are non-standard - not the least of which is an intuitive ‘level editor’ even a 6-year-old could use - so I anticipate hitting several snags along the way to launch(hopefully, in 12-18 months or so).

    This is a strictly commercial project which I intend to be my only significant source of business and personal income for the next 2-3 decades, so I am willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get the unique mechanics working in C3 and thousands more, by the time the prototype/‘vertical slice’ is ready to release with full online multiplayer support, either via HTML5/PC or for iOS.

    To speed development along, I am also looking to contract/partner with one of more Devs who are experienced with Unity and/or Unreal(I favor the former for now, but intend for development of the full Online/PC version of the game to utilize the latter). My/business’ share of the profits is a fixed 8%, leaving the rest for any investors we choose to onboard and/or Dev partners.

    If you are interested in partnering with me for this project, and you are based in either Canada or Mexico, I can also offer you the Regional League Operator licensing rights for your country.

    I think it is very helpful to have a clear vision, specific goals and production funding plan. With regard to the foremost, my vision is to be the first and best dedicated eSport in the genre, one which pays its players as it profits by them and raises millions for domestic and international charities. My goals are to generate a net $35mil/yr. in U.S. revenue within 7 years and to net an additional $165mil/yr. - from licensing Regional Leagues to operators worldwide - within 10. As to the lattermost, I intend to utilize Patreon to augment my current C3 production budget in the short-term, initially develop(via Unity) a ‘soft-core’ version for Mobile release and, later on, pour my share of profits into the epically hardcore Online/PC version(to be developed via Unreal).

    I don’t mind answering questions hereunder(it serves as a useful means of ‘bumping’ and will help to further inform other, prospectively interested parties), but if you are seriously interested, please reach out to me: skylervanerah@gmail.com

    Please Note: while I am not choosy where my Mentor(s) will be based, I will only partner with Devs living - now and into the foreseeable future - in Canada, Mexico or the United States.

  • I mean I've seen posts where indie developers looking for a team set unrealistic high expectations and goals on a (rev share by the way, not paid) project and then there's this post saying we will make $35 million a year.

  • ...we will make $35 million a year.

    I said net Revenue, not Profit. Gross Revenue will be capped at whatever is necessary to cover the Taxes on my target of $35mil net. Which will then be split into the Prize Pools, Charities and operations/profits, 50/25/25. So the profits will be less than $8.75mil. Epic will get their 5% cut(perhaps as much as 12.5%), and it remains to be seen if they will take theirs 'off the top' or deal down to taking their cut from the profits only.

  • I would suggest starting with the multiplayer part of development first.

    I would not suggest developing a multiplayer game in one engine as a way to prototype for another.

    Its not something you want to develop twice.

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  • I would suggest starting with the multiplayer part of development first.

    I would not suggest developing a multiplayer game in one engine as a way to prototype for another.

    Its not something you want to develop twice.

    I believe I have read that before. Multiplayer games have to be designed and developed for multiplayer. Single player games have to be overhauled nearly from the ground up, in order to transition them into multiplayer. So, I knew this, but it has been very helpful to be reminded of it. I have been obsessed with just getting the mechanics to function for a single player demo.

    I won't have to develop it twice. Just the once, via C3, if I have to do it myself. If I partner with a Dev or two, then we may skip C3 altogether. I may not even have to do it in C3 myself, and when it comes to Unity/Unreal, I damn sure won't be doing it myself. C3 is the only way I would dare attempt Multiplayer.

  • I have determined to do what I should, by abandoning C3 and recruiting team members for a Unity-based dev and/or partnering with an established studio/publisher. While I am certain that initially developing in C3 wouldn’t be a total waste of my time and money, after no doubt many months and several thousand invested, it would probably turn out to be mostly a waste. Aside from which, I plan to leverage the initial development to acquire a grant from Epic. And I think that will be a much easier move if the initial development utilizes Unreal’s only major rival…

  • Good luck!

    Thank You! I was just going to use the Unity Forums. I never would have thought of Reddit.

  • I was just going to use the Unity Forums. I never would have thought of Reddit.

    I just hired a Conceptual Artist that fits my needs and budget beautifully! I found him on Upwork. I can recommend utilizing it, if you are serious about hiring remote talent of all sorts.

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