Paying experienced C2 developer to review plans prior to dev

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  • Hi all,

    I've got a plan for a game with a core feature-set I want to implement, and a lot of experience building mods/content for other game systems, but relatively little experience with C2, which makes it hard to know whether I'm doing anything the 'right' way or not when I work in C2. As I put together the groundwork for my game, I want to ensure that I'm not screwing up how I structure the game's fundamental systems, so that my 'content creation' phase is as pain-free as possible. The game is slated to be content-heavy, flexible and extensible down the road; as a result, time spent now to ensure I've got my design 'right' will hopefully be worth its weight in gold down the line.

    Ideally, I'd find someone who has thoroughly played and experienced the following two games:

    -La Mulana (or perhaps Super Metroid)

    -Zelda (the 16-bit, non-3D zelda)

    And who is experienced enough with C2 to think creatively about how to implement the featuresets of these two games. Also, experience/understanding of C2's multiplayer capabilities is a must.

    I'd be happy to pay for your time (I'm sure we can work out a rate we both find reasonable) to work with me on how to translate my 'design document' into a solid C2 implementation (with CapX examples of anything tricky). We wouldn't be worried about the specific content of my game, we'd be looking at systems design together.

    Anyone interested?

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  • Thanks for the messages all, traveling now but will have time to respond in the next 48 hours!

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