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  • Howdy ya'll my name is Nick and I am currently working on a game called ZAN: The Destroyer. Below is a link to the project and a playable demo.

    This is unpaid, just for funsies. If the project does start to pick up traction and we feel we can monetize then of course we will split any monetary gains 50/50.

    You should be a "Jack Of All Trades" artist as I am. Proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Flash, & Construct 2. I don't expect you to be super amazing as I am not.

    In the long run I am looking for someone I can develop games in the long term with and can count on. You should be over 18 because if we end up monetizing it will just be easier if we are both adults and can make our own decisions.

    Also you should live in the states, preferably on the east coast, makes it easier for communication sakes as I live in Florida. And of course we need to share interests and a sense of humor which again makes the working together part much easier. So if your interested in gaining a new friend and game design partner leave a comment below.

  • VictoryX Your proposal is a good one, but 80% of Scirra community is outside US.

    Hope you will find your team.

  • Cipriux

    VictoryX Your proposal is a good one, but 80% of Scirra community is outside US.

    Hope you will find your team.

    Just curious. Where did you get that figure from?

  • zenox98 From my analytical point of view. Most people do not write on forum because of bad english, but they are part of the community.

    P.S. English does not mean US

  • Probably site usage stats, and which country views it etc


    Country     Percent of Visitors     Rank in Country

    United States Flag United States     25.8%     16,806

    India Flag India     9.2%     26,425

    Canada Flag Canada     5.0%     8,100

    France Flag France     3.7%     18,268

    United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom     3.4%     24,640

    Brazil Flag Brazil     3.1%     17,809

    Indonesia Flag Indonesia     2.9%     14,399

    Spain Flag Spain     2.9%     22,742

    Pakistan Flag Pakistan     2.7%     12,936

    Argentina Flag Argentina     2.6%     10,841


    Well, you weren't far off <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">


    Only 3.4% UK ?    That's quite a surprise.

  • DUTOIT Thanks. It didn't cross my mind to check Alexa.

    I have a friend that say americans are the best because are all over the internet and do all the cool stuff, but again... I am on the internet and I'm not american. That makes me wonder how people see the world.

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    Only 3.4% UK ?    That's quite a surprise.


    Lol, the UK, it might be higher, probably is, this is indication where site traffic comes from, not exact, but gives a best guess estimate.


    I'm 3rd world, but the ashley and Tom did right in putting servers in US because they are are more likely to pay for personal/business than 3rd worlders like me (Yes, I brought business license) but I am speaking in general. Oh, I've traveled enough to know that the only thing that changes is food and scenery and a big dash of culture - lol.

    Work is work, and talent is talent. Doesn't matter where it comes from.

  • I don't think they necessarily have to be in the US to improve communication. Anywhere is fine. I'm going to assume you were referring to similar time zones though instead of actual location, which I guess is fair enough. EU could still work though.

  • stated it is more of a timezone thing than a state side thing. Just would make communication easier in that we would probably both be online around the same times. Of course the original posting was more of an ideal work partner than a minimum requirements thing. Obviously if I found someone dependable, fun to chat with, and talented; Location wouldn't really matter. I've just had a bad string of flakey people or idea men who tend to throw out ideas and expect me to do the most of the workload. Anyways, if anyone is interested let me know still looking for the partner to my "team meat".

  • .........."team meat".


    That's.....sounds......wrong :)

  • > .........."team meat".


    That's.....sounds......wrong :)


    VictoryX, good luck, had my own fair share of leechers. Now I just delegate and if they don't perform - Burn the suckers. lol. Assuming I am team leader that is. If I am not, then I hope they delegate what is expected from me. And always have in writing that monies is based on performance and majority rules. Team leader gets 2 votes.

  • PM <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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