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  • Hi guys,

    Im seeking a dev for writing.. let me call it, a "framework" (AJAX/MySQL). Ive already tried it by myself, but AJAX doesnt like me and I havent got the time to dive deeper into it.

    What I need: the user should have a register/login functionallity, each account is bound to an ID (it should be simple, but like I said, wasnt able to do that >.>).

    Beside it, it could be handy to have a basic storage of 1 variable (e.g. "strength" or something), also with an example how to ask the MySQL DB about that var and import it to the game (C2), when needed. I really just need the blank code (with comments, in best case ;D).

    It should be used in first line for a rpg-ish PvP game (real-time PvP, 1v1, using a Database).

    When someone has the knowledge and time for it, feel free to contact me for more infos: i[at]proxymity[dot]de.



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  • hi, I sent you an email

  • Im not trying to advertise or anything. But you should use Parse (and the Parse plugin), because I think it is perfect for this job.

  • Im not trying to advertise or anything. But you should use Parse (and the Parse plugin), because I think it is perfect for this job.

    Thanks for the tip, goodfeet. I took a look on parse - and the firebase plugin from rex (had seen it somewhere linked in the thread).

    Both look good, but the problem I have (personally) is, that its somewhere else saved (I hate cloud related stuff, because you arent able change some options, like you would have when you got your own databaseserver/ftp/etc). I prefer having the chance of options. Also with the limits, parse seems a bit high (for a hobby project) and I dont think that the free plan is enough with its 30 actions/second - and firebase only got a decent capability of storage & connections (except the paid ones).

    Aim is having a register/login interface (and of course functionality, lol), a way to get C2 to download all the variables I need into the layout (directionary or an array), upload all changes whose were made to the variables - and a simple example of a query (leaderboard, get top values of (for example) strenght and show their IDs descending in a table).

    As Im not that unskilled in syntax I really need a "quick and dirty" template of all needed components.

    I may have someone who does this for me, but hes busy rigth now. So if someone has time and experience, talk to me

  • Hello Proxymity,

    If you still have the need for a login and registration system + a variable system i am available to do this.

    I have made quite a few login systems before the largest of these would be the one for "Rust Building Planner 2.0" a while back. This system uses a custom api to store and request info to a mysql database. All verification is done by the server and all passwords are hashed to ensure security.

    The variable system i can do pretty much how you need it. If i am not mistaken you want to be able to set and get variables from the database, This is done fairly simply if you would like i can also include some more functions to group variables to an username and also secure the system with the need to verify the read/write request to come from the right user and that the user is logged in

    As you know security is a huge concern when dealing with user information and to make sure only the people that are supposed to can access features that are locked down.

    Feel free to contact me on if you are interested or have any questions!

    Have a good day on.

    • Kent-Are Bakken
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