[PAID]Game Customizations -Recurring

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  • I buy game code I like and customize and then release through some channels I have to get a solid amount of downloads.

    Need someone with account ability to export/compile to both IOS And android.

    Typical Tasks:

    Change Graphics (you don't need to create those as I have a designer).

    Optimize graphics and code for mobile if code isn't already very speedy on mobile.

    Change ad networks.

    Integrate IAP.

    If this is something you are interested in doing on a regular basis please pm me or send me a message on skpe at jbirddem

  • skype might work better because I have no idea when I am going to have enough reputation to ever send a PM. looks like i'll need like 100+ posts to pull that off.

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  • thanks for the messages but even with 10 posts I still can't pm.

    if you can't do ios then I am not interested.

    Also looking to know if the facebook sdk can be added because if not then i am not interested.

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