[Paid] Urgently looking for COnstrcut 3 developer who can complete the half done project

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  • Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who can complete our existing half done project.

    What is expected:

    • Ability to read existing code
    • Has solid grip over programming
    • Knows ins and outs of Construct 3
    • Patience :-)

    PM me or mail me at idurveshnhgk@gmail.com

  • Hi,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned task in minimum cost, You can add me on Sky–pe: gabrielhgk@cisinlabs.com or inbox me at gabriel.cisin10hgk@gmail.com

    I’ll be delighted to receive your reply mail!


    Gabriel A.

  • Think I can help if this still available.

    Please contact me here or email jerrybolder98rzp@gmail.com

  • PM me or mail me at idurveshnmjc@gmail.com

    Your email does not work.

    I only wanted to ask, what does half game developed means in the request above?

  • this is some strange error on the forum, because what you see as my email is not what I see.

    But okay, I know the way around. My email: jerry+bolder+98 and then gmail

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  • But okay, I know the way around. My email: jerry+bolder+98 and then gmail

    Oh well that is a totally different email then what i was seeing, and a definitely different one from what i was copy pasting... cause the copy paste of the first one was pasted backwards lol ....

    Sent you a message on gmail talk to you there.

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