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  • hey, i need someone to create me this please

    1 >> sound

    2 >> sound.... up to 25

    and add the 25 to the score.

    Once the total bonus points is at 25, make the word "BONUS 25 points" blinking 5 times with another sound.

    let me know if you are able to do it and how much you want $.

    Cheers !


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  • Free.

    Just add these 2 global variables,



    Set its default values to 0.

    Make an invisible object and make him collide with it when he reaches the yellow box. Let's call it pointgiver.

    On Collision | Destroy pointgiver Object, Set "group" active, add 25 to points

    On every tick | set text to temp_points

    Now you need a group with this event.

    Every 0.5s |

    Sub Event - temp_points < points | add 1 to temp_points, Play "pointincrease" sound.

    Else - temp_points = points | Play "pointequal" sound. | Set "group" inactive

  • wow, thanks a lot buddy !

    cheers !

  • No problem! I hope it helps, if you encounter any problems, feel free to ask!

  • Aww, there goes my chance to earn easy money. Next time, try asking for tips on how to avoid tedious coding like that!

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