[Paid] Synchronization events in a small game with Photon.

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  • Hello! I'm working on a little game on Photon.Cloud

    Making it started on the basis of different tutorial ... and faced with the problems that their own can not yet be solved.

    Link to build: http://wi-games.com/Project34/

    What I want from the artist ...

    1) There is a bug when player spawn. Its damage is increased by several times. As I explained to the person on the basis of one's lesson, I started to do the synchronization, it may be due to the fact that the player is not destroyed after death at all.

    To quote (google translate): In the place where our character x falls to zero - you need to destroy it, not only on our side, we must also send all the other players the event, that they also removed our sprite character from their layouts. The source did not open, but if memory serves, this decision should help.

    How to do it right to the end I can not understand ....

    2) Need synchronize spawning asteroids, their destruction and the fact that one "fall" after the destruction. (As long as it is implemented for demonstration purposes only)

    Write to me in PM with an approximate cost of your work there and give .capx

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