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  • Hello,

    I'm Clint and I am creating a game called Magmets. It's a top down game that uses a magnet mechanic and has dangerous obstacles the player must avoid as they try to reach the end of the level.

    My knowledge of the Construct 2 engine is fairly limited when it comes to advanced programming/behaviours. I've shipped 16+ games in the past, from PS2 all the way up to Xbox 360 etc so I am able to handle all the art and design. But Programming isn't my gig so thats where you come in! If your a seasoned and talented Construct 2 (game engine) professional, your my man/woman.

    I'm looking to publish to as many sku's as possible but the first ones will be HTML5 (4 Kongregate/Newgrounds) and afterwards iPad/Android/BB/PC/Mac etc. The game will be supported by ads so knowledge of admob/admobi or whatever system construct has for its api will be needed.

    Things you'll be needed for:

    • Pulling/Following - Magnet behaviour game mechanic (probably adapted from existing one i have found) with additional mechanics attached

    • Particle systems - I will create the art and set up the parameters, spawning etc. You just need to be able to attach it to the correct enemy or mechanic and play it at the right time.

    • Scoring

    • Instancing and setup of multiple enemy types

    • Consulting

    • Admob - Ad implementation

    • Menu System and GUI implementation

    Key Requirements:

    • Has in-depth knowledge of the Construct 2 game engine with published games.

    • Can create or adapt already existing behaviours/plugins to support required game mechanics

    • Has good communication skills and can chat over skype/bbm etc.

    • Has the ability to work quickly and without supervision (is prompt and doesn't take days to do simple tasks)

    • Asks questions if something isn't clear and is proactive in problem solving

    • Speaks English

    • Has a paypal account for payments and invoices.

    Compensation: Per Module - agreed upon amount.

    I am not looking for an outsource team from Asia etc...just a talented Indie Dev (single). Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers.

    Please respond to with your background, interest, and links to your past projects.

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  • I have insufficient (rep points) to PM back. Just found this out. So pls put a way to contact you in your replies.

  • Sent you a pm with my official email id

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