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  • I'm looking for anyone who can help me with the event sheet for my game, I'm focusing only on the event sheet right now as this is my main goal. I'm working on my own graphics and level design, and all the sounds can wait. This is a platform puzzle learning game that will be for all ages, it will test the mind, be very colorful and extremely fun for everyone.

    I've been trying to work on this project for far too long as I do not get much time to do so, due to work and family. I would require an NDA to be signed as I do not want anyone to steal my idea. I'm only looking for one person who can help me out and who really knows CS2.

  • Hey, only 2 questions from me really...

    1. Is it paid?

    2. Can you show previous work?

    Thanks Adam xo

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  • Yes I'm willing to pay if you can create my game as I want, and I do not have any previous work as this is my first game.

  • Hey Frisco,

    I would love working with you!

    Shoot me a PM, we can discuss it further there!

    Looking forward to working with you!


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