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  • Hello i am Menno 15 years old and im from holland.

    I have been searching for a designer for decades but i couldnt find one.

    Now with this tread i hope to find a young enthusiastic designer that wants to join my company.

    Unfortunatly i cant pay YET because i dont have a real job (i walk papers) i hope to work on this.

    So are you enthusiastic? And do you wanna now more about me or my company/ideas?

    I have edited this to PAID because i can pay a small amount of money in a longer period

    Pls contact me on the email below!

    koelkastgaminghd gmail.com (dont forget to erase the spaces )

  • Hello Menno!

    Sorry, but no artist works for free, because they must eat and pay bills, too. If you need assets for your game try

    OpenGameArt.org or save some money and buy assets in one of the many market places that you can

    find online. The prices there are often very affordable.

  • Hello Games!

    Designer is opposite of artist.

    Design is pure technical thing.

    You cant be good designer nor yo can find any good designer unless you realize that messing design with art is just malicous trend.

  • I'm sorry, I disagree.

    Designer needs to understand Art AND Technical stuff too AND probably end to end of a game's dev life cycle.

    Without which the designer can bring up tons of complexities in the project that will never get done.

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  • Hello i am Menno 15 years old ... for decades ...

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