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  • I'm looking for somebody who has experience to create simple but highly polished in terms of gameplay and fun to play game prototypes quickly best in Construct 2 or other tool that is suitable for rapid prototyping. Advantage but not mandatory would be if the prototypes would consists of simple/minimalism but highly polished audiovisuals as for example Probe Team game that you can find on Ludum Dare website.

    Another advantage would be if you could come with your own game ideas or even games that needs to be finished/polished/remake/published to make them successful so we don't need to start the development from scratch but if you don't have any ideas or games to work on then I could bring in my own game ideas. I'm looking just for small projects to work on and the collaboration could be either the way that I would pay you for the development or another option could be that you would take care of development process with my help and I would take care of marketing and we would split the profit so let me know which relationship you would prefer.

    Sending your portfolio along with your rates at is mandatory plus you could send me the quote for identical remake of Probe Team in terms of quality and scope. The quote would serve just as measure for me so I would know whether you are able to create quickly such highly polished game prototype within reasonable timeframe and budget but in case I would hire you then we would start working on completely different project than Probe Team.

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