[paid] make PVP fighting game like Mortal Kombat

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  • Hi All,

    I want to have a PVP fighting game, similar to Mortal kombat series, with a different theme (would share once we agree). I would provide sprites of characters, backgrounds, rules, special powers rules.

    there will be approx. 20 different characters. multiplayer & leaderboards will be involved. Admob, iap and "ads remove" version would be additional features.

    this game would then be exported to android, ios etc.

    would it be possible to you to make such a game (fully/partly)? if yes, then please let me know tentative timelines (post delivery of creative from my side) , approx. charges you would like to have. etc.

    pls also share any other requirement, I may have missed.

    PLS PM only. thanks for understanding.


    b regards


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