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  • Hello my name is Anthony and I'm currently working on a Indie 2D Platform game for the Android, coded and animated in Java and the story's about 4 different dragons and there journey throughout their world. Although me and my partner are very knowledgeable with java and the coding part of this project, we are not the most artistic people. If you were interested in making some sprites and having them used in a game that me and my friend/partner are hoping to have coded and ready to be pushed onto the android market by Christmas time, please contact me back.

    The project is still in the first stages of development and we are using test images now just for testing purposes but will need our own images in the near future in order to make the game public. If we can come to an agreement I would love to have images drawn up by you and used in the game.

    We would prefer a profit-share, royalty based payment agreement based on the profits of the game, but if that doesn't interested you we are open to anything as long as we can afford it.

    Any artist that is interested and would like to hear more details please email my partner and I at indiegames22cua@yahoo.com

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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  • Java or javascript ?

  • It's being coded in Java.

    Javascript is used for online web applications.

  • Am I going to get a reply to my email asking about negotiations with payment?


  • bump . . .

  • This is not paid work. Should remove that from your title.

  • It is most certainly paid work. You should remove your post. Please remove that post as it is a lie.

    All work done will be paid and payment terms are negotiable. I have no idea where you got that from?

    I probably didn't reply to you, because your work was poor or I did not feel as if it was what we are looking for in a artist, or it was too expensive for your skill level.

    Everyone who I have been responding too, we are all in negotiations now and I'm trying to find the best artist for the best price.

    I encourage all other artists to still reply as no permanent agreements where made yet ( although I am getting ready to make a final decision and hire 1 artist )

  • Hi Anthony,

    You can check out my art portfolio here:

    <font size="4">holodecked.blogspot.com</font>

    I'm just getting into animation, so the examples are kind of rough right now, but I'll have more going up soon that are of a higher quality.

    I'm fine with a profit-sharing deal, as my goal is to get a leg into the industry. If you and your partner are committed to finishing a game by Christmas, we can write up a contract and get to work as soon as possible.


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