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  • I'm new to Construct 2 and recently started making my own game mainly thanks to various tutorials. The basic gameplay is written however I'm running into a few bugs and general problems I need fixed. It's a top down grid based maze game where the player tries to move their sprite to the end without being caught by an enemy sprite.

    Note: I've already created the basic gameplay, and am just looking for someone to fix some problems so the game runs smoother.

    Budget: a few hundred dollars

    Timeframe: I'd like it done in 1-2 weeks.

    Problems that need to be fixed:

    • Randomly generate enemy sprites onto maze but not in a wall, and never in line of sight of player.
    • Occasionally enemy sprites get stuck or move over walls
    • bug where enemy sprites are programed to randomly move around the map, but for some reason they just stay in a certain area.
    • enemy sprites should move in 4 directions as opposed to 8.

    I also need some help with making the layout grid size match the graphics.

  • are you looking to pay a 3-4 digit figure for the 2 weeks

  • Hey there, I PMed you forgetting that you can't reply yet - sorry about that.

    Anywho, I'd like to help you out.

  • Did the same mistake. I'm also interested.

  • I can help you out. I have great experience with both Constructs. You can take a look at my completed projects at my site muztdiestudios.cc.ua and decide if I can be useful in your case.

  • Thank you guys for getting back to me. I figured instead of trying to fix my code it would probably be easier to just start from scratch. So all I need is someone to get my enemy AI working correctly. Here are the specifics.

    -Enemy AI that randomly generates onto maze at start of layout, but never generates within player line of sight.

    -Enemy AI randomly walks around maze.

    -Enemy movement should be smooth grid based up, down, left, and right. No diagonal.

    -If enemy AI is in line of sight of the player, enemy AI begins to chase player at an increased speed.

    -If enemy AI collides with player, player dies.

    -If enemy AI loses line of sight for about 2 seconds, enemy stops chasing player, decreases speed, and goes back to random movement.

    Hopefully someone can do this for me. I realize that their are a number of plugins and behaviors that do some of what I'm looking for, feel free to use them. Not only would you be paid but also get in game credit. I may also hire you for further game development. I can't PM yet, but you can reach me at sinegalproductionsbjy@gmail.com. Thank you.

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  • Emailed.

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