[PAID POSITION] 2d Artist Needed.

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  • My project needs:

    • UI ( A menu and a few other fields)
    • Characters/Monsters Fantasy/medieval themed.
    • Simple, clean, cartoon-type graphics.
    • A handful of spells/weapons.
    • A handful of clothing/gear
    • A very minimal environment or two

    The art/game is a side perspective.

    Please leave a reply here, with pictures/portfolio.

    If your art has a style that I am looking for, I will send you a PM, or email(if email is provided) to contact you about pricing and terms.

    I can also provide further information about the game and result I am looking for when we get in contact.

    I look forward to working with you, whoever you may be.

    If things go well, future work will probably be provided as well.

  • Hi, I'd like to help you, please feel free to check my art style, my portfolio link is: http://gillenew.com

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  • Hi Tylermoon,

    Could you shoot me an email at wildroostergfx(at)gmail(dot)com,

    and i will send you some samples of my work.




  • Hi, I'd like to help you too my portfolio link is

  • face book: Lydia Huang(QX Guangzhou)

  • Hello,

    please visit my webside www (dot) zdeneksasek (dot) com for many examples of my work and please don't hesitate to contact me at ursus (at) zdeneksasek (dot) com with any question.

  • This job has been filled. However, if you are an artist and want instead of a commission to form an ongoing partnership send me a pm or if you can't pm leave a reply.

    Otherwise I don't need an artist for the time being. Thanks and good luck out there!

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