[PAID] Optimizing mobile game

  • Hello,

    Following this topic: scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=101577 I tried everything, I have not managed to make my game as smooth on my phone.

    That's why I'm looking for someone who could help me make my game optimized for all devices with 256mb+ ram (iOS & Android) . Make me an offer dollars for this task and I pay you via paypal or bank transfer if you get there.

    Thank you to make me an offer only if you are certain to succeed.

    Thank you

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  • Vuuv > I can not answer your MP.

    CocoonJS is better support than Intel XDK for my game, but not as well as tablet.

  • I might be able to help but I have no idea what the project is, it could be technically impossible depending on whats going on with it.

  • Draspur: I helped him and put a lot of effort in this. There were a lot of "Every tick" events, I was able to remove almost all of them. It ran on all my devices with 60FPS, but he claimed its not running on his phone and doesnt write me again.

  • Vuuv

    Ah, that's unfortunate, I wish people would stay on top of their stuff, at least when other people are involved.

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