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  • Hello all C2 developers.

    Our game "GemBreak" which is currently released on Steam needs an online level editor.

    We are looking for a talented C2 developer who can develop our new online level editor.

    Our original plan was to let users save and load levels by mySQL, json. But Steam Cloud save is also a posibility.

    What we need:

    1. Level editor that let users create, share and play GemBreak levels online.

    2. Levels should be saved on our own server (mysql, or cloud save)

    3. Users can play a random level "Play a Random user generated level"

    4. Users can play through all user generated levels from 1 to ????.

    GemBreak is a physics puzzle game (Peggle like game) so the level editor is pretty simple.

    The user can add bricks and Red Gems, Bonus Bricks, etc and rotate and move them in the editor.

    Lastly the user will choose how many balls is available on the level, and input a name for the level.

    The user should then be able to save the level to the mysql database, after the user has successfully completed his own newly created level in test mode.

    If you feel like you have the experience and talent to help us expand the GemBreak universe, then please send us an PM here on the scirra website or send us an email at: kontakt@ballistastudios.net

    You can see GemBreak on Steam here:


    Payment for the job will be negotiated privately.

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Best regards,

    Ballista Studios IVS

    v/ Mike Rowlands


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