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  • Hi All,

    We have an immediate need for an expert Construct developer to implement some game design layouts for a platformer game prototype that we hope to launch on kickstarter in the next three months. About 3-5 instances will be completed for the kickstarter video. Virtually all of the music assets are complete, we have about 40% of the necessary art, and a decent portion of the first level has already been completed in Construct.

    We need the developer to be able to accomplish the following tasks:

    1) Implement very complex AI for boss fights (on average about 7-10 attacks based on the location and actions of the player).

    2) Implement weapons systems

    3) Implement player animations and additional functionality (wall jump, etc)

    4) Manage multiple instances and cross instance variable sets

    5) Implement in game dialogue scenes and dramatic events

    6) Be able to implement this in a professional manner.

    Pay will be over Paypal and is negotiable. Pay will be associated with key benchmarks being completed on the project. In addition to being able to take on the aforementioned tasks you must be willing to sign a non disclosure agreement and participate in 2 skype calls a week.

    If interested please email me at along with your experience and any work you have previously done. Thank you for your time.

    L. Christian Pearson, Esq.

    CEO, SpriteSoHard Studios

  • I'm interested , but I would , first , like to ask some questions ...

    -Could you detail us each of the implementations a bit more

    -Give us the base price you want to pay for each or all implementations ?

    Cheers !

  • Sure.

    The background is I am the business lead/designer for the actual game. I can layout the basic game and do some of the more basic tasks in Construct but we need a "pinch hitter" to come in and complete a series of discrete tasks in order to get our prototype to sufficient quality for kickstarter.

    We will be creating 2 full levels and 3 boss instances for the prototype. The largest hurdle will be the boss AIs. We expect to have about six very unique bosses in the prototype. An example of the AI/logic needed for a boss is as follows:

    I.     If Boss is one quadrant away

    a.     80% chance of dagger throw (dagger hits player or wall ends event)

    b.     10% chance of exploding dagger (dagger hits player or wall ends event)

    c.     5% chance jumps in player?s quadrant (ends when boss contacts ground and +is in player quadrant)

    d.     5% chance jumps an additional (ends when boss contacts ground and +is in player quadrant)

    II.     If Boss is two quadrants away (opposite ends of screen).

    a.     75% chance of teleport attack

    i.     50% chance from above (vertical)

    ii.     50% chance from behind (horizontal); THEN

    1.     After attack dash back to one quadrant away.

    III.     If Boss is in the same quadrant as the player and is not on an edge quadrant

    a.     Perform Portal Blast (Stationary) then;

    i.     If player as back to the minority of screen

    1.     Repeat attack

    ii.     IF player has back to majority of screen

    1.     Dash away from player into next quadrant

    Ideally the Construct developer would be proficient enough to remedy flaws in the logic to improve gameplay, freeing up time for me to work on the design of later levels and marketing for the game.

    Another major tasks is implementing all of the weapon systems. THis includes effective cycling between weapons, clean hit detection, and pushing COnstruct 2's limitations to implementing quality visual effects (you will need the paid version of Construct 2).

    The third major task is general polish. This includes cleaning up the timing/start frame of animations to ensure they run smoothly setting the origin points of projectiles and bullets and tweaking the timing of traps.

    I really can't go into much further detail unless an NDA is signed along with some work you have done that demonstrates your ability to complete this project in a timely and efficient manner.

    The pay will vary on the experience of the developers (we are open to taking on more than one to accelerate the process). However we are comfortable paying between $12-22 dollars an hour based on the experience of the developer along with an early completion bonus.



  • Apologies-

    There are a few implementations I left off.

    *Camera zoom in and out for pixilation effects.

    *GUI work

    *Parallax art implantation

  • Finally , are the graphics given ?

    Also , I may not have a lot of work , I think I can start with a template and implement something , and let you see the implementation

    So you can judge my skill level

    If you like what I did , send me more and if you don't , you may search for someone else

    But I doubt my work won't satisfy you

    Add me on skype so we can discuss more !

    Cheers !

    Edit : WhiteclawsStudio

  • Yes. We have contractor who does all of our art. We are always looking for pinchitters who can help out with items/effects/unique baddies and other items that will free up the time of our contractors.



  • Great! Can you do a call around 9pm EST tonight?



  • FYI. We are open to hiring more than one developer everyone.

  • Well , add me whenever you want , I can't call because no mics , but I can chat ...

  • Ok what is your Skype name?

  • WhiteclawsStudio

  • Im interested too.

    My skype - das.srikrishna

    I'm the dev of games 'Tank 'Em Up' and 'You are a Shadow' (ludum dare fame)

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  • will you still be interested by september

  • I'm interested but my timezone isn't US, but GMT+7, can we somehow have a chat or would you prefer via email?

  • Hi I am free to chat regardless of timezone. Please send an email first to so I can send over an NDA. Although there may be work left in September I am really trying to get the concept phase done in the next 5-6 weeks.



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