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  • EDIT: The position has currently been filled! Thanks for everyone who applied! :)

    Hello, everyone!

    I've been working on a simple board game-style game that so far I've gotten to work well on PC. I plan on making my first mobile release, at least for the Google Play Store. The game has been optimized as far as I can figure out in the mobile version, following every performance guide and tip I can find, but it still suffers from a heavy lag on tablets and phones about mid-way through the game.

    There's also an online component. For most tablets and PCs, the turn-based play works fine, but for some mobile phones there's an issue where the video cuts out the moment two devices connect (audio and touch controls remain). It seems most of my issues are from the GPU despite the game being fairly minimalistic.

    My project is originally built in Construct 2 but I have Construct 3 and use it to create the APK.

    If anyone here has experience porting to a mobile device and optimizing the game to be in release-able quality, I will gladly pay for their time and service. :)

    You can contact me via PM or through my official email: merlandesehur@gmail.com

    Feel free to check out my site to see other games I've worked on or see the free prototype of the game that we'll be working on at Itch.IO.

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