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  • Hey Folks,

    I’m looking to connect with a Construct 2 Mentor/Programmer (Professional) to help with the construction of casual game engines in Construct 2 while teaching me a thing or two about the event/coding process. In most cases the learning will be from the creation of clean code/events themselves.

    The first game is a simple fish-growth engine for mobile. I’m able to create a basic version myself, however lack the knowledge to refine it and turn into a simple streamlined beast that is both low in file size and watertight in execution. Currently I’m finding every successful resolution to a problem provides two more unexpected problems (hail hydra…) and not being a programmer (producer by trade), I am making very slow progress.

    This is a paid opportunity, and I’m looking to make connections over the long term. Payment can be per hour or per project and we’ll start with some immediate issues I’m having with the fish-growth engine. There is a plan for these games. They will be commercial (advertising rev only to begin with) and they will have world-class art attached to them (I have direct access to artists with clients including Capcom, EA, Gameloft and beyond). Rest assured, I’m not messing around here. I expect the same from you. Experience, knowledge, a passion for games and professionalism only please.

    My current website is here: rtsharp.ca – feel free to directly message me and we’ll take it from there .

    I look forward to potentially getting to know some of the Construct 2 developer community!

    Kind regards,


  • Hey man. I've been using Construct 2 for a while now and I think I could help you out with programming and teaching. If your interested, just send me an email at or Skype me at aidan310.

    I've done many tests in C2, including an advanced working dialog system, health bar, and multiplayer lobby. I live on the east coast of the US, and have collaborated with other devs on their games before. Thanks a lot.

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  • Sent a pm

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