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  • I'm new to C2 and have done some of the tutorials but am slow in "getting it." At the moment, I am stuck with deciding whether to use an Array vs Hash Table for my data and how to populate a List Control with this data.

    In a nutshell, I'd like someone to help me decide what to use [Array v Hash Table] and then make a small proof of concept on a few of the key features that I need so I can get going with it.


    A. Skype or Phone call regarding benefits of an Array vs Hash Table

    B. Proof of Concept .capx from Skype/Phone discussion

    C. Review of .capx over Skype w/screen share so I understand it

    D. Periodic trouble shooting


    Hourly, via PayPal.


    PM me if interested, we could start now :) Please include:

    1. Per hour bid

    2. Your C2 experience [with Apps in particular would be Great]

    3. Links that show you know what you're talking about :)

    ps. and yes, I've seen that there's a lively community in the forums and depth of knowledge, I'm just Impatient.

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  • pm sent

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