[PAID] Looking for sounds for my board game

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  • Hi!

    I have no knowledge in making sounds for games, so I'm looking for someone who can.

    I would need following sounds for my game here

    Sound List

    • Tile placed (accepted & declined)
    • Bomb / Joker used sound
    • Level Up sound
    • Timeout sound
    • Success / Gameover sound
    • Click sound (for buttons and so on)
    • Maybe a ambient game music


    The file must be .wav, so that it can be converted to .ogg and .m4a in C2.


    The license must be Royalty Free. You will be mentioned and linked in the game.


    I'll pay you via PayPal.

    Please play the game and let it inspire you for the sounds. The job is paid, so please also add a price for the sounds above. Just reply with an example sound file here or PM me.

    If I like it, you'll get the job

    Thank you!

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  • I may be able to help you out with your sounds.

    Can we discuss further over email? (My email is )

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