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  • Hello I am an artist currently struggling with 2 games aimed for android devices.

    I have samples of the games and they are playable but my i fear that my programming is not so good.

    1st game is (One Way Out) a spooky platform game with 15 levels already made with working traps that's all i can say for now.


    The other game is a Tap miner game called (Dig Em!) its just your basic high score game. You dig by tapping blocks to destroy them and find treasure within the different minerals you destroy. The blocks ascend and over time the speed increases if it pushes the player to the top of the screen game over. Monster are also in the game tap to kill them or they will kill the player. So you must dig as long as you can, collect as much as you can and survive as long as you can.


    Please any skilled programmer i need help completing this game.

    you can contact me at vashonsmith604 gmail. com.

  • hi, I just threw an email at your address

  • Alright I sent a reply via email. Check when you can.

  • Hi vashon, great graphics, did u found what u r looking for? if u didn't, then i can be the programmer u r looking for,PM me on twitter , if u r interested. thx

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  • Hey man ive been working with construct for quite a while ill be willing to work for free as long as you link my gamejolt profile there. Pm me on twitter or steam both accounts linked to my sicira account.

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