[Paid] Looking for a programer to develop a Game Template.

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  • Hi,

    I'm planning to develop my own version of "Fold" check the links:



    This will be a game for IOS and Android using cocoonjs, so I need an experience programer.

    The goals:


    • Portrait mode.

    -We give the user 5 lives, after that he needs to wait 30 minutes to get another 5 lives.

    -Rate, facebook and twitter button.

    Level selector layout:

    -I need a way to add as many levels I need.

    -The levels will be unlocked every time you finish the previous one.

    -when the user select a level we should call the Game Layout with some parameters (using global variables):

    -Level number.

    -Grid size (the number of "X" and "Y" positions ).

    -Available colors for the blocks.

    -Special blocks (Type of block and position on the grid, This are like the diamonds on the IOS version, check the video, can be several special blocks)

    -locked blocks (position of every locked block)

    -Number of matches required to win the level.

    -Nrmber of turns the user need to survive to win the level

    Game Layout:

    -Check the links to understand the game logic.

    - The users can preview the next 3 colors (check the video)

    - You win when you clean this:

    -Get all the special blocks.

    -Complete the number of Matches required for the level.

    -Survive the number of turns from the level.

    Enless mode Layout:

    -Same rules but endless.

    -No special blocks

    -No Locked blocks

    -No rules to win.

    Store (IOS and Android)

    i. Increase lives capability to 7 (Permanent)

    ii. Refill lives (Consumable)

    iii. Unlimited lives (Permanent)

    iv. Preview next 5 colours comming (Permanent)

    v. Skip 5 colors per day (Consumable)

    vi. Unlock Endless Mode (Permanent)

    If you are interested please send a profolio and fixed price quote. We can do this through elance.com.

    All the best,

    Luis J.

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  • I can do it, but what I suggest is:

    -Remove the level thing. Make it simpler by putting Highscores and challenges with friends

    -Don't make the lives permanent if you buy, it will cause a big difference between who has money and who hasn't.

    Just ideas, nothing complicated or offensive. If you want you can tell me more about what you want in terms of layout and I start doing some sketches.

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