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  • Hey friends,

    I need a Plug-In, that checks the geolocation of the mobile every half minute and makes it ring when a special position, you entered before, is in a specific radius.

    This would be for a geocaching-app.

    I�m not really sure, if something like this is possible in C2 and how much time it would take.

    Feel free to contact me with your pricings :)

    Have a good one,


  • Double click on the layout, scroll down to where it says Media, double click Geolocation.

    That will be 2 cents please.

  • :D


    Yeah, I already saw that but I couldn?t find out how to handle it properly.

    I guess this needs to be changed somehow. The mobile needs to be locked while searching for target and it needs to ring like an alarm clock when you are in the defined area :)

  • All you're doing is checking if your current location is close to another location... every x seconds.

    System "Is between values" should suffice.

  • newt

    Does that work, when the mobile is locked? is the app still running then?

    How do I get the phone to ring if the location is reached?

    Thanks for your help BTW :)

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  • The app will have to be running, yes.

    Then I don't think you can call the phone, but you can make a sound sure enough.

    You might look into notifications(Cocoonjs etc.) perhaps.

    That would most likely require a server, and add several degrees of difficulty.

  • That?s what I mean.

    A notification and a sound (a song or something) would be absolutely enough. Why would i need a server for that? Can?t it just check with google-maps or something in locked mode and then ring if it?s near destination?

    Because of the increasing difficulty, I?m willing to pay for that ;-) :-)

  • A server would be needed if you want it to work if the app is off.

  • newt

    Ahhh ok, but if it?s running like.... for example ... these tamagochi-apps? They are just minimized and locked, aren?t they?

    What do you, as an expert think would be a fair price to make something like this working?

  • Well I'm no expert on mobile, and can't say if it will work minimized, but with the app running full time, a bare bones example could be made in say

    15 minutes.


    Also just realized a server can only do things that are time based, and can't monitor some other location, so that idea is pretty much out.

  • You won't be able to do this in C2 if the C2 game isn't running. C2 at this time can't run as a background service.

    However I think that the Crosswalk team is looking into the idea of providing the service feature for HTMl5 apps. But we will see how it goes.

  • :D Haha, that�s exactly what I wanted to ask for.

    Thank you very, very much for your example btw :) Can�t open it at the moment, cause I�m on Mac, but i�ll have a very close look tomorrow.

    I�m not really sure at the moment, if it is at least doable with a locked phone. Perhaps some mobile-champs can help out? If there is no possibility, I can bury my idea :-(

  • jayderyu

    ahh sorry, i was too late, to read your post.

    I guessed something like this. even if I close the browser window, C2?s music stops.

    Who is the crosswalk team? And what are service features?

    Is it even possible in any way, to let it run in the background, or are there any restrictions by apple/android to to block that? (I guess nearly every alert system games already contain, can be handled with server+ time)

  • Beaverlicious With CocoonJS the App will pause on phone lock. Like jayderyu said, i think Crosswalk will provide a possibility for running your game/app as a background service. But I am sure we have to wait months for that

    [EDIT] I mean...people from Intel are using Crosswalk to compile your app. Search on forum "XDK new" (search results not older that 1 month). there is an old XDK not based on Crosswalk, so do not read that :P

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