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  • Hello Guys and Girls,

    Me together with Condolent are making a Android and IOS simple game and are intrested in getting a Artist for making the sprites for our platformer game.

    Something about us: We are two guys from Sweden currently working full time job together, on our free time we now programm together in creating games in Construct 2. This is the first game for me to launch and for Condolent he has published a few apps already and he know the "drill".

    Estimated amount of work.

    1x = Player with Animations (Idle, Attack, Jump, Slide, Death)

    4x = Enemies (Idle, Attack, Death)

    1x = Background Image

    1x = Big Walking tile

    8x to 16x = Different Objects (Crates etc.etc.) Will possibly be more later. Most of the objects will have no animation, some of them will have a Death/destroy animation.

    I would like for you to PM or reply here with your portfolio and your rates. You can email me also on grahnkristoffer[@]hotmail[DOT]com

    EDIT1 : The theme is "Nordic, Vikings"

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  • Hey Kribzy I sent you an email, hope to hear back.

  • Hi all,

    The position is now closed!

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