[Paid] Looking for Construct 2 devs to help build 500 Math games for EdGame Platform

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  • Hello,

    I'm with Legends of Learning, an EdGame company. We are inviting Construct2 individuals or studios to build a short (5-25 minute) Math game. $1000 - $20000 per game. $4 Million has been paid and over 1200+ games have been built to date. Sprint open now with slots on first come - first serve basis. Average payout per game is $4000, within a $1000 guaranteed minimum upon submission and acceptance on time. Creative control left entirely to the developer. Construct2 game development is supported by community-maintained Construct2 plugins that implement the LoL-supported Javascript API.

    Learn more about the company and the opportunity, and if interested, submit your information here: legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer

  • Is there a C2 plug for the api?

    Are C3 games acceptable, and is there a plug for if so?

  • Hi there, yes, there's a C2 plugin for the API.

    We currently don't have a C3 plugin, and unless there's a community-supported plugin we could easily implement and share for our API, C3 games wouldn't be accepted.

  • Legends of Learning guide shows that game has to be multilingual, 4+1. All games need text, from what i can tell by that guide. And it also ask to format the text and choose correct fronts.

    But do Legends of Learning tells which are thous 4+1 languages or gamedev chooses them randomly?

    Can game be just in English and when needed/requested extra language can be added in later?

    I mean, do gamedev just has to design game with placeholder text, so game knows how to handle different language text with correct front and display it correctly and you guys can add it in later, with Json?

  • Interesting. Link to the API plugin for C2?

  • For the language, to clarify: all game text would need to be in english. The developer does not need to worry about translating themselves. Developers submit a separate language JSON file so we internally have the option to translate into another language if we need to.

    Here's our github for our C2 plugin: github.com/LegendsOfLearning/lol-construct2-api

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  • bdalle I can port your plugin to construct 3 runtime, when you need it ?

  • .. is the offer still open?

  • Yes! We're still accepting portfolio applications here: legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer

  • Yes! We're still accepting portfolio applications here: legendsoflearning.com/interested-game-developer

    Ok great. I filled that out, but no answer :)

  • What is the name of your studio?

  • We are not looking for completed math games. We are looking for developers to create new titles for our platform, but developers still retain the IP for the games. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Hi :)

    I also sent, still there is no answer

    my studio " Castello Game "

    email - nartayislamkozhauss@gmail.com


  • I wanted to also mention that there has been no answer, however, I do see that someone played 2 games in my portfolio.

    Maybe someone tries a couple of games, and either instantly says "no" or they then send you to someone higher up for a closer look. :)

  • I got an answer, but there is currently no free slots anymore..

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