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  • I'm looking to contract an artist to create art for multiple mobile games. This post is for the first project specifically, but ideally I want a candidate that I can rehire for future projects.

    For the first project at least, you will be reskinning some placeholder art I am using. The game is a top down road theme. Here are some screenshots of what you will be replacing:

    Art direction will be mostly up to you so long as it fits the theme, so you'll need good taste. I might need direction on how to fluff the game aesthetically. I'll also need UI art to use across these games.

    Payment is at a fixed rate, I will give a full list of the assets that need to be replaced, along with the required sizes and types. I estimate the asset list for the road set will be about 20-30 images, and the UI will be around 15. So while the first projects are pretty small, they need excellent art.

    If you are interested, PM me with a portfolio / samples, and if I like what I see I will get back to you with a full offer.


  • Hi!

    My name is Nadia, from Argentina and i am interested in your project.

    I´m a 2D Game Artist (cutout and traditional animation, character design, UI design, backgrounds, etc) with 5 year of experience, and I´m currently available for freelance work.

    My portfolio:



    Please feel free to email me at: nadiarodilqnt@gmail.com


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  • HI there,

    I specialize in vector art,

    If you could please give me an email at ,

    I can email you some portfolios and quotes,

    Look forward to hearing from you,



  • Hello, my name is Madalin Vlad, I work in different mediums of art including vector graphics.

    My portfolio can be seen on madalinvlad.net

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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