[PAID] Looking for C3 Developer (C2 devs welcome)

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  • Hey guys,

    As I said, I am looking for someone with good experience of C3 and C2. This project is already under development with C3 so you would need to be ready to go with this. A portfolio of C2 games would be fine but I do need to see some examples of finished games.

    This is for a client project I am currently working on. This is for a well known brand so would be a good boost for your portfolio and if we worked well together, there would be more good work down the line.


    I would need you to work on key features and to help crunch bugs near the end. The game is a beat em up in the style of streets of rage, etc but with slight metroidvania elements. I would need you to work on programming additional enemy types, some of the boss battles and building levels. I already have the core of the game finished, including the combat system and enemy AI. You would need to use this and expand on it to introduce new enemy behaviors. Should be around 2 months of work but not sure yet.

    I have a set budget for this and would be paid out as you complete milestones.

    Please go to www.headfizz.com and use the contact form there to let me know your interest, please include a link to your portfolio or some games you have made with C2/3. Or just email me on admin -AT- headfizz.com


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  • Hi,

    Hope you are doing good.

    I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned task in minimum cost, You can add me on Sky–pe: gabrieldqp@cisinlabs.com or inbox me at gabriel.cisin10dqp@gmail.com

    I’ll be delighted to receive your reply mail!


    Gabriel A.

  • Bump!!

    Got some great replies but wanted to give it another day


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