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  • I come up with plenty of concepts, but getting them to move is giving me headaches and doesn't come through. Trying to build things in pre-made engines like C2 still takes me forever and I wish I had time to actually learn to code. But I rather focus on things that works and get a specialist that can make it happen.

    I'm looking mostly at mobile market, for both games and professional apps, preferably iOS but open to Android. I need someone who can ship and update on the game side, and prototype fast to showcase proposals to client on the app side, before getting a coder to do it clean from scratch (unless you can also code).

    I can pay freelance fees or we can work out a royalties rate, whichever works best for you.

    In the best case, you are around GMT+8 and have south-east Asia rates or similar, you are a professional in the field since few years, and know your way around paperwork and contracting stuff. I would appreciate if you are flexible (or build for flexibility) are consistent and get things done!

    Recent things I do/did

    top-dow stealth


    alley cat 're-make'

    Weather app concept

    and serious healthcare stuff (if you can do that, I'm VERY interested)

    I can answer any question here, or PM, or mail... whichever you prefer!

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  • Hey there sved

  • Hey! Well there are actually more answers than I thought... Please wait a bit for replies, I need to browse through everyone's work first!

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