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  • Hello,

    we are looking for external serources to assign the development of a little projects for Nintendo Wii U (WiiUWare).

    We will support the external team with all assets (graphics, sounds) and game design document in all details. Also our Chief technical Officer and Programmers will be at your disposal for the activities concerning Wii U requirements and publication.

    The first game that we'd like to develop is a mix between the first Metal Gear (NES) and Cannon Fodder. Kindly please note that the game is official scheduled with Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America, so will be present on Gamefaqs and other sites once we obtained agreement with the external unit (Construct).

    For any questions and details about business model please send an email to contactpwf@rewardstudios.com

    Many thanks.

  • Have you made a game before? How did you get a license?

  • Because in the last months of 2013 we are realized (completed) two projects for Nintendo Wii U for a Publisher, that will be realized in Q1 2014.

    We are licensed developer for this console, Wii, 3DS, DSi, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, but for Wii U and 3DS we are also digital publisher (Nintendo eShop) for Europe and America.

  • Is this profit share, milestone, project complete or periods of time payment?

  • It's a profit share but once we realized a demo we'd like to active a Kickstarter campaign and if will be a success pay the entire budget for the development for the external team/resources.

    Graphics, sounds, and game/level design activities will be realized from our team.

    We are looking for someone that could be interested in a collaboration not only for one project, with Construct 2.

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  • What type of help are you looking for(programing and assembling the game i assume)?

  • I'm looking for a "programmer" able to use Construct 2 and help us to realize some projects. Your assumption is correct. The first game is not difficult to realize, is a mix between Metal Gear (NES) and Jurassic Park (SNES).

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