[ PAID JOB ] Create C2 Backendless Addon

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  • Hi

    we are small game and App Dev

    We looking for someone with Javascript and Construct 2 SDK skill, to create c2 addon for interacting construct with backendless

    Backendless ( backendless.com/) are Robust and feature - Rich Mobile and web Backend where we can save, terieve, update and delete App / game data easily

    > Our Max Price offer is $50, but you can sell it at Scirra store after you develop this plugin for us, and we believe A LOT C2 user will BUY THIS Plugin ! so you can get a lot of money by sell this plugin

    Our Requirement are :

    1. You create Addon / Plugin for C2 that can create, Read, update,Delete Data from our backendless account by using Backendless JS or REST API SDK Plugin have all requirement for interacting with backendless ( REST API key, APP ID, etc ) that can be set easily from c2 editor plugin can show data from backendless as JSON and we can parse multiple value to create list or Filter some value plugin can parse data from backendless to show at another component ( maybe REXRAINBOW Gridctrl, HMMG LISTVIEW, etc ) plugin can sort and filter data using variable that can be pulled from another componet ( text box ) etc Important feature plugin can parse data and show detailed info about data

    You can develop this plugin by updating Rexrainbow backendless plugin or created from scratch

    You Allowed to sell this plugin at Scirra store after youcreated for us ( non exclusive Paid development )

    You also must support plugin for minimum 1 ( one ) year after release,to update plugin if backendless have any update

    For any offer Reply this Topic or send me email at webliberationarmy gmail.com, we also invited All c2 developer for BID

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  • maybe my requirement aren't clear but i just need Real Time Database funcionality for C2, if you can integrate Push Notification or Realtime messaging , it will be a plus socialpilgrim

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