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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for some experianced Construct 2 developer, who will help me solve problem with image loader. A game is digital (online-web-educational + nodewebkit exe) board game (monopoly like) when on question mark you do some mini game. Most of them is image based quiz. Sometimes when loading external images files (even with node webkit) the game run on error and it freezes. I guess it might be problem with reading the file. It load an external image into an existing on screen sprite, on URL.loaded it should fade in. I'm not so skilled and it's surely my very first completed game, though I will provide you with my capx and more info on request.

    THX in advance for support!

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  • Hello, i would love to take a look and try to help you, sounds like a small problem and i am happy to do so for free

    Feel free to contact me and/or send me the capx over mail:

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