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  • Hello, I'm new to this forum but I'd like to share with you guys a job offer I've also posted on Moddb. Since this is C2's official forum, maybe I'll find more people willing to work with this engine.

    Onagro Studios is hiring and paying using royalties one more html5/java programmer with experience on Construct 2 or similar. This is the last position standing on the team, come help us out!

    Our current project is Defection: Station 19, a stealth action game inspired by the early Kojima games like Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. You can check our game's status by going into our ModDb or Facebook page.

    The choices to communicate with the team are using Skype/Facebook. If you don't have any of these, no problem either, we can work that out.

    We're looking for people who can qualify for most or all of these:

    *Can sacrifice a few hours a week for the project.

    *Is open to criticism and can criticize, after all, this is made by an entire team.

    *We don?t require professional experience, but if you've worked with another indie game, that'll be good to know.

    *Has experience with Construct/Construct 2, this is the engine we're using. This is pretty much crucial.

    *Can deliver tasks quickly/on schedule.


    *Currently, this is an unpaid job. However, we're going to pay you the royalties of any game copy or its OST sold. Your position as a programmer will award you 10% of the entire profit.

    *We're also going to do a crowdfunding later this year, it's your chance to earn a bonus.

    *If you do not wish to be paid royalties, we can make a deal. Just email us for any questions regarding this.

    Send your portfolio or some quality work you did to sizayoidol@live.com





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