[PAID, Hourly] Additional 2D Vector or Pixel Artist Needed

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  • Hello all!

    I had luck finding an artist here last time and hopefully I can find another. I am looking for an additional 2D artist to help work on an update to an existing property while my other artist works with me on my new project. Was going to wait until after my current project is complete to take this on, but don't want to feel I have to rush it. So basicly I am looking for an experienced 2D artist, mainly in pixel art, but vector is fine too. The work will be on updating the graphics and adding some new ones for an existing Wii U game. I would prefer to work on an hourly basis and take it one step at a time to spread the cost of the project over a period of time. Once you have been chosen, I will require that you sign a Non-disclosure Agreement(NDA), to ensure you don't speak of the contents of the title while in development. Would like to begin this project around middle or end of April and have it completed by the end of May. I could start sooner, but that would all depend on your hourly rate. Please feel free to contact me via PM or email ().

    Thank you so much for your time!

    Michael Aschenbrenner | RCMADIAX

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  • Bump - received a few inquiries, but would like a few more to choose from if you are interested.


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