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  • Looking for help on a game project that is currently being developed in Construct. We have a teaser website up at haxarena.com that you can check out to get an idea of what it's about.

    We are looking for some help with coding, web design and web development. We may need someone who is familiar with vector graphics within C2

    We need to get a website built around the game. Some sort of database connection between the game and site. The website would track game stats and run game tournaments.

    This is a paid gig and may lead to other paid gigs if you do well.

    I'd prefer emails sent to aaron(at)empirenews(dot)net


  • Webgl doesn't do vector.

    C2 wasn't made for vector.

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  • I understand vector capabilities aren't built in to C2 but this thread seems to disagree with you that's it's not possible:

  • Well, apparently I don't have enough rep to post the link but there's a thread in this forum discussing SVG in C2 and one guy posted some samples.

  • scirra.com/forum/plugin-svg-canvas-vector-graphics_t67414

  • Didn't say it wasn't possible. Im aware of Podes plug for example.

    You can paste svg into the canvas, but those images can not work with webgl.

    Also they can't use other features such as polygon collision detection, and a proper z.

    Your best alternative is to convert the svg's into raster images.

  • Ok, let me explain what I need and maybe I can see how it's possible or what options I have. The game I'm making would only require simple graphics; circles, lines and curves of varying colors. The game will allow users to create their own levels by drawing circles / lines / curves and saving the level as a text file.

    I had found this dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22173473/svg-edit-2.5.1/svg-editor.html

    which led me to believe that it would be possible. Is that not WebGL?

  • Unfortunately Svg-edit is canvas only


    You can do something similar using the Canvas plugin:


    It makes use of Html5 canvas features, but it doesn't take advantage of the svg format.

    Its not webgl either.

    For webgl you would have to use pre rendered images.

  • If you don't need bezier curves, you can pretty much fake vector polygons by using sprites for "edges".

  • Vector graphics can't be managed into C2, but it's possible, vector graphics are XML or some format can be translated into canvas.

    The problem is... vector data is rendered as bitmap in canvas. Try it http://paperjs.org/ press CTRL + wheel mouse to do zoom in, you see it's blurred, you can reset to default, do it CTRL + 0 (zero key), because it's canvas, not SVG element in browser.

    Besides animated vectors can be played using ARRAY, it needs to be done with recording, then replay.

    There a sample with animated atom using Canvas plugin, no sprites.


    You need to accept this limit, the users prefer gameplay than being Graphic Whore

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