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  • Hi there, I'm currently making my second game for Steam, but I'm still atrocious at Construct 2, I run into little problems every few days.

    So I'm looking for someone who will be available by email or another form of chat to just help me through my rookie problems or questions every now and then. I'm happy to pay a little bit of money for general help across the month, as well as a credit mention in the final game. It won't ever be anything complex and will probably take you guys like 15 seconds each time

    Thanks people!

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  • Hello ,

    I have checked your post detail and can help you to deliver current expectation

    Let me know your available time will do my best to accommodate

    We can discuss further on email

    Please let me know your interest

    Best Regards,


  • Just to let people know, this position has currently been filled! I will post again in the future if an opportunity arises.

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