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  • If you need anything


    -Sound effects


    -C2 programming related.

    Email us:

    C2Programming related:

    Make sure you already have this information:

    1. Game genre

    2. Game concept (gameplay)

    3. Do you need art/animation?

    Animation Related:

    We do Pixel art.

    Sound/audio Related:

    1,What kind of game? Eg.Action,Rpg,Moba,etc

    2. How many sounds?

    3. What kind of sounds?

    (Eg. Broken glass. Water splash as rocks are thrown inside. Hard wind flag wave sound. Huge but short explosion. Stomp on grass.etc )

    And send the request to us at:

    Prices varies for single audio files.

    Audio pack offers are available.

    Exclusive Licences available.

    Audio and Music available soon on scirra store.

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