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  • Hi!

    For my project Business in the pocket ()

    I'm looking for a graphic artist to give the game a nice appearance.

    The game is an economic simulation based on a beer brewing company.

    The player establish a brewing and has to handle all the diverse procedures to win the game by buying the awaited luxuries.

    : buy raw materials->brew beer->sell beer->manage supplies->buy machines->hire workers/employees->advertise->casino/stock trading/...

    To polish the game gfx I need a graphic artist to renew the gui elements (buttons) to an animated style (approximately 30 buttons with 2..3 animation frames each), probably some additional animations.

    I'll pay a fixed price (please make an offer +/-) if you're interrested to info[at] gameus[d o t ]de

    Please add some examples of your work/portfolio.

    or contact me for details...

    (playment by paypal)

  • Hey there Mercuryus, I tried contacting you through info gameus . de but it seems like its not working? Any other email I can try?

  • Hi AixelPrt,

    That email managed to work for me from my g mail?

    I didn't receive a non delivery notice,

    But i have not received a reply

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  • Hi there!

    Thank you for your mails/offers/interest! - I got them all but hadn't time to answer (I am out for business).

    Please give me some days to answer (this weekend I hope) and I answer your mails/questions.

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