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  • Hey friends,

    I would really like to develop something where people are able to make a GIF of something recorded from C2 and then either export it to harddrive or upload it to a website (Wordpress/post).

    Is this possible and how much would you estimate for it?

    Greets Beav

  • i know you an take snapshots with the c2 engine of the screen, call a webcamera and make photos, but record? not sure if its even capable yet. i wold say it wont cost to much, just because its so simple(simple i mean only 2 things to do record/save and eventually transform to another format ) but if u manage to export to any format at all u then can convert it with so many softwares outthere

  • there are already plenty of programs that can do that! i cant recommend anything particular because thats all pretty new to me too but some recording programs even give you the choice to save as gif.

    im trying out recordit the last days, its nice for short videos. Works like snipping tool, just drag the area you want to record with the mouse cursor, hit record and after recording you get a link to the video and gif.

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  • Hey guys, thanks for your answers., but I´m not sure that we talk about the same things

    I want the user to make some kind of animation etc. within a C2 generator I make, than export that as GIF and share it with his/her friends etc.

    The upload to the website should be a little bit like youtube. Just a base of all the created Gifs

    You get what I mean?

  • I just wrote a reply - And it disappeared on me?

    I've experimented with jsgif & recordrtc as possible solutions. Although I'm sure it's a slightly better running as a webworker, I wouldn't recommend them.

    Here's modified canvas plugin another member made, try it out and you'll notice the hit in performance

  • Noncentz705

    Thanks man, didn´t know something like this already exists. Will give it a try

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