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  • Hey guys and gals, Design3 is looking for experienced Construct2 developers interested in producing learning content in the form of screencast tutorials. Extremely high attention to detail and clear, concise language skills are required. Teaching/tutoring experience is preferred but coachable. Basic format is to develop a small fully working (but not necessarily broad) game/app and focus on specific design or functionality aspects. Special attention to the �why� in each step/decision is necessary - but we also want to make sure each lesson is fun.

    Rates are per project, pre-negotiated based on lesson objectives, deliverables and timeline. If you�re interested please drop us a line with links to your up to date portfolio. If you were part of a team please be sure to highlight your role in a given project and mention any strengths.

    We�re currently looking for advanced users with skills in:

      Interface Intermediate to advanced events & logic / mechanics (custom behaviors) Sprite animation (third party tool(s) + import) Image/Visual Effects Mobile game mechanics In app purchases / freemium mechanics

    Looking forward to speaking to you,


  • I've sent you a private message (PM)

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  • Hey-- are you getting a lot of replies to this < could you still use someone on this project > ?? I was put off at first and had other work going that i had given my word on and had to complete-- but, i re-read this and think i could probably be of some benefit on it. Have done similar stuff lately and have references to that effect. Examples of my work on the project page of my website:

    "" && thanks.

    -- mark-p.

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