[Paid] Freelance composer looking for jobs.

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  • My name is Ace LeFer and I've been composing for a while now and can compose for a variety of styles and would like to venture into writing for your indie games. Take a look at my Soundclouds and reverbnation profiles to get a feel for my style, but keep in mind that I'd be more than happy to write for whatever the situation calls for. Any of my songs on those profiles that are not remixes are also available for sale immediately as is without any further editing. All prices are reasonably negotiable. Make sure to listen to all songs including those remixes to get an feel for my sounds and what I am capable of.

    Check out my reverbnation profile (more songs) at reverbnation(dot)com/acelefer/songs

    Check out my soundcloud profile at soundcloud(dot)com/ace-lefer

    Also feel free to email me at acelefer@yahoo(dot)com and make sure to comment on here first if you email me please and thank you! Looking forward to helping make some awesome music for some amazing games.

  • Also check out my new game I'm working on called "Cloudy with a Chance of Kittens". It features a new very basic instrumental i made in less than an hour as the backing soundtrack.

  • heared your sound cloud, this song is great: Destiny's Door-Ace LeFer-Bleeding Fingers Contest


  • Thanks, I did that for a constest recently ran by hans zimmer. he asked us to write a song using at least one of the samples he provided and i wrte an entire instrumental around that female vocal sample you hear.

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  • Recently added 2 new songs to my soundcloud profile. Check them out, as they are written with a client in mind who was looking for a theme and set of music for his game and they showcase more styles I can write for.

  • Added another song. Its pretty epic imo. On a bit of a writing spree last 2 days. Also something to keep in mind if considering me. I can work well with short deadlines.

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