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  • I'm looking for a C2 developer (programmer) who has built a lot of games in Construct already, in a wide variety of typical casual game genres, on the fly, etc).

    You'll need to create playable prototypes very quickly, modding existing games, creating new ones from templates, etc. You'll also be helping me build games and modify your code, as well as building games.

    I need a good personality fit, so we'll start with a brief contract/freelance gig that is a trial run for us both. If we both like working together, I will offer more contracts in the future. This is work-for-hire: I need to own the code you create (this is required, because I'm already under that contract).

    We can work remotely via Skype and screen sharing (in GMT+8 9am-3pm). You must be a good communicator and your English must be excellent.

    If interested, send 1) a list of games you've built and 2) an example of your C2 (event sheet screenshot) via PM or email josh at bonderlab dot com.



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  • Looking at the site , I find this very appealing, for having hands-on experience in this field...

    Although I work at high speed , the very quickly in your description sounds a bit too much like "deadline" to me..

    I wish you all the best, because I love the intention.

  • Thanks for the reply, LittleStain and newt. Yep, LittleStain, deadlines are part of the deal. I'll reduce the "very quickly" tone -thanks for that feedback, and for the good wishes - I'm glad you love the intention. It's an exciting but very challenging space.

    Thanks to all who replied via PM.

    I'm now thinking that local would be really better than remote. If anyone is in the SF bay area and considering this, please message me. Now, I'm off to search for user groups near me!

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