[PAID] Developers needed for a game for business audience

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  • My company develops business simulations, but not with Construct 2 - yet! We have a potential project (beginning in 2015, start time hasn’t been officially set) that I think should be developed within the Construct 2 game engine. The UI would need to be a more “industrial/business” style compared to most games I've seen in the C2 Arcade.

    Imagine a package sorting operations center. Thousands of packages are brought in, unloaded, sorted, and then loaded onto trucks. The characters have specific job assignments, and each has their own biography, skill levels, and morale level. The purpose of the game is to help new supervisors understand how best to assign individuals to specific tasks, and how to respond to problems when things start to go wrong, and in general respond to issues and events as they arise.

    In addition to a more "business-like" UI, elements the core business model will be in JavaScript, so you'll need experience with integrating via the JavaScript SDK.

    NOTE: Please don't respond if you haven't already published at least one game in the Construct 2 Arcade.

    I'll provide more details on the project to the appropriate responders. Thanks!

  • Hi All,

    Just to be clear: this will be a paid, contract project. I'm not looking for anyone to do something for free! I'm uncertain exactly how many days of effort will be required, but you'll have the opportunity to participate in time and task estimation.

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  • Hi TimK, Sent you a Private message. Please let me know.

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