[Paid] Developer needed for a Construct 3 prototype

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  • Hi,

    We are looking for a Construct 3 developer to help us with a specific part of our game prototype : the move/attack range selection, and the move mechanics.

    The game is a 2D tactical combat game, based on a 6x8 grid.

    The specifications of what needs to be developed are here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15Whps7e1YU18nutxLmWNra6SmJBEXLqZv9-Mw4w9XCw/edit#gid=1781241173

    We also provide a Construct 3 project file :

    - which contains the graphics assets corresponding to the specifications

    - as well as a pre-configured Layout

    - so the work can be started very easily from this file

    => the C3 file is on the Upwork job description : https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~0135aecb760b9b67e2

    We want to use Upwork as a platform for this contract, which secures both parties.

    Requirements for this project are :

    - Deliverable = a completed construct 3 event sheet (or multiple sheets if that's easier) in the attached file, which respects the whole specifications

    - Comments above each event group (at least) in the event sheet, so we can reuse this event sheet

    If you're interested, feel free to ask questions in this forum below, or to candidate directly on Upwork !

    Please propose a fixed priced based on the specifications and these requirements,

    Thank you very much,

    Best regards,


  • Hello Xavier, I can do this job but I don't use upwork. so is there any possibility we can work on NDA? if so you can send me C3 file over my email: rayATcisinlabs



  • Hello,

    I can help you so If you are interested don't hesitate to contact me via email:

    odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com

    Thanks in advance,



  • Hi,

    Thank you for your proposals.

    : sorry but I want to use Upwork for this job

    odiusfly : OK thank you, I'll pick proposals on Upwork first for convenience reasons, but I'll contact you if they are not relevant


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  • Ok thank you!

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