[Paid] Create a simple game for my family reunion

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  • For next year's family reunion I'd like to entertain folks with a simple Q and A game that's multiplayer. No need for compelling graphics and music - it is a simple trivia game.

    I need the ability to add/edit questions, answers and points in a simple text file for the program to consume. Question should show up on everyone's screen and everyone gets the same amount of time to answer...

    I'm happy to share specifics and draw out the screens for what I'm looking for.

    If you're interested then please send me a message. Note that I will need full source code so that I can modify it as needed.

    Let me know what you think is reasonable pay for this type of work. I'm new to this...

  • Sent you a PM.


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  • So, it turns out I cannot send PM and can't post my email here either since my reputation is too low. My email address is dribblergames hotmail.com (without the spaces) - if interested please email me. Thanks!

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