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  • We currently have 11 casual games that we need converted into Construct2 HTML5 games. We have experience in Construct2 just need additional help due to bandwidth constraints. Looking for an expert in Construct2 to build out clean working code that we can expand upon in the future easily.

    To help define 'casual games' the games we have are things like:

    • Match the cards
    • Horizontal scroller
    • Vertical scroller
    • Object/Jewel swap
    • Spot the difference
    • Breakout
    • Etc.

    All visual assets for the games will be provided and a working copies of the live Flash games will be provided.

    To be considered please provide the following exactly in a private message to me:

    1. Cost quote PER GAME knowing 11 games will be awarded to winner

    2. Time estimate to complete all 11 games

    3. Examples of Construct2 games you have developed

    4. Special considerations/skills to know about you

  • So where would people find the flash games? Difficult to determine how much work a job would be if you don't know what you are building. Not that I am putting my hand up

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  • Great question. Once someone sends a personal message with a proposed bid answering all 4 questions we will provide either URL's or a video of the games. But they are about as basic as the description is - breakout, vertical scroller, etc. So the person replying should assume it's as described and if the videos reveal anything more we would accommodate and adjust the bid accordingly but believe the description is very accurate of these casual games. First step is for us to have the conversation to see who we think would be a good fit.

  • kenn mp sent

  • Thanks for the responses all, this position has been filled but will follow up as we have new needs.


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