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  • Hello everybody. Like many others I am interested in creating a game with construct. I have a personal licence of construct and I have tried out some of the templates and it is easy and fun. But it needs time and due to my main work I don’t have that much time. So I would like to pay someone who is really professional with construct2 ( and I believe you are a lot out there : ) and create for me a game. I will buy any required templates so we don’t waste time doing things that are already done, and use the graphics that I will provide to make a new game based mainly on pre made templates. You will need to combine some features from a couple of templates and thus make a professional game for distribution through my google developer account to google play store.

    Please contact me if this is a project that you might be interested in producing.

    Thank you for your time.


  • Is this for a single game? or recurring work?

    If it is just a single game, it would be nice to know what genre it's in... Some people work better on certain types of games, because of past experience!

  • Thank you for your reply. We are talking about 1 game to begin with. IF it goes well in the google play store then I will surely make more games with the same freelancer : ) But this post is only for 1 game. The genre is side scrolling car game with physics (suspensions ) picking coins etch. There is already a template for this kind of game in Scirra site. I will provide with the new car designs and all the required graphics for the levels. The game must have car selection options and levels. I hope that the above information helps you more. If someone is interested in talking about this project in more details then please contact me through my e-mail. Thank you

  • below is a quick example of the genre

  • I have not worked on one like this, but will test it out in C2 early next week...

    If you still need someone by then, and I feel comfortable with the genre, I'll PM you...


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  • I just sent you a PM

  • Thank you all for contacting me and for your interest in my project.

    I have found a freelancer and will move forward with the project.

    I will post again in the forum when I have a new game for development

    Thank you

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