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  • I'm looking for a C2 developer that has at least one or two games to show off. I'm working on small games at first; just arcade games, like ones you'd find at Kongregate.

    You don't have to be an artist - I need someone who can work quickly within the C2 system to create 2D games similar to breakout clones, asteroids, space invaders, tetris, platformers, etc.

    This is a paid position of $15 an hour, and art will be taken care of. PM me or reply here if you're interested.

  • PM'ed

    P.S: Time needed to finish the game will depend on the complexity ...

  • Unfortunately, my lack of ability to respond (( need a certain level of reputation to PM it would seem )) has proven difficult to get in correspondence with anyone. If anybody has PM'ed me that wants me to get in contact with them, please send an email with your PM.

  • Here's my PM ...

    Hello ,

    My name is Whiteclaws , I'm pretty experienced with C2 , in fact , I have 2-3 years of experience with it , I made many games but no commercial ones ... I'm currently working on one , but no biggie :P

    Here are some of my games

    -Bullet Hell ...




    The two were made for 48 hours and 1 week contests , a proof that I can work quickly and efficiently , My main weakness was art , so if you can provide it , I would be really happy to collaborate !

    Thanks for consideration !

    Edit ; if you are interested , shoot me a message at ...


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  • Hey Hg!

    The name's Lovro and I run a small dev studio (http://www.machina.hr/) - Construct is our only game dev tool and we've been churning out games for brands for about a year now.

    Also, less text more examples:

    Eco Car Challenge

    Short educational game on the cost/benefit of different types of car engines


    Booze Dealer

    Drug-wars style game to promote a new club



    Outfit-matching game for the web of a fashion magazine - in Croatian Im afraid! :(



    Free-throw style basketball game for a large Australian telecomms company

    hoopshootout.iinet.net.au (requires registration)

    dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62601881/Demo/index.html (no registration required)

    Also, the lead programmer in our team has a different account on Scirra Forums (he does progs, I do business :D), so check him out:

    Johnny Sheffield (http://www.scirra.com/users/johnnysheffield)

    His Github with C2 plugins: github.com/JohnnySheffield

    So, get in touch! We'll talk more on Skype.





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